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Understand the possible actions on scans.

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To manage scans in Probely, a set of actions is available in the TARGETS section.

On each line, choose the scan action to execute for that target.

You can also manage scans directly from the target details (by clicking on the target name).

Regardless of where you are in the Probely app, you have the following actions to manage scans:

  • Scan Now - Start a scan.

  • Scan Later - Schedule a scan.

  • Stop - Stop a scan.

  • Pause - Pause a scan.

  • Resume - Resume a scan.

Depending on the state of the target scan, you may be able to perform the following actions:

  • You can only start or schedule a scan if no scan is running on that target.

  • You can only pause a scan if it is running.

  • You can only resume a scan if it is paused.

  • You can only stop a scan if it is running or paused.

In summary:

Target Scan State


No scan is running.

  • Scan Now

  • Scan Later

The scan is running.

  • Stop

  • Pause

The scan is paused.

  • Resume

  • Stop

While starting/stopping a scan is generally executed as soon as you select those options, pausing/resuming a scan might take a while for the scanner to perform the necessary actions (and pausing/resuming scans is only possible for some account plans).

Finally, the Scan Later action consists of configuring a scheduled scan. See how to schedule scans.

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