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Pricing plans comparison
Pricing plans comparison

Learn more about Probely’s plan offer.

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Probely offers a wide range of features distributed among different pricing plans: Lite, Pro, and Enterprise.

Before going into details about each plan, one thing should be clear about our pricing. The pricing has two dimensions: a monthly/yearly subscription that includes unlimited scans, and a usage-based pricing model where you pay based on the scan time. Depending on the plan, you can have either dimension by itself, or combined. This makes Probely's pricing plans the most flexible in the market.


The Lite plan is our contribution to making web security accessible and straightforward for everyone. It helps your business identify and fix vulnerabilities in your Web Applications and APIs.

With the Lite plan, you can start for free with security testing, making it a great non-commitment option. With this plan, you use credits every time you run a scan. To help you get started, we give you free credits on a monthly basis that can be used within the month. However, if these are not enough, you can purchase more credits to run more scans at any time. Learn more about credit usage here.


The Pro plan includes everything from the Lite plan and extra features like Built-in Roles and Permissions, Reports, and Integrations, among many others. Additionally, the Pro plan allows you to run unlimited scans on your targets. These scans do not consume credits, allowing you to perform periodic security testing and integrate with your SDLC effortlessly.


The Enterprise plan includes everything from the Lite and Pro plans and extra features like Teams and Quotas, Custom Roles and Permissions, and the option to Pause and Resume Scans, among many others. This is the best plan for enterprises and businesses that value efficiency and flexibility and want to scale security testing.

Here's a quick summary of Probely's plans:

Check out the Pricing page to view everything each plan offers and choose the plan that best suits your needs!

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