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How to subscribe to the Pro Plan?
How to subscribe to the Pro Plan?

Learn how you can upgrade to the Pro Plan.

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In order to subscribe to the Pro Plan, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account

  2. From the right-hand side dropdown menu, access “Account Overview

  3. There, click on the “Upgrade Plan” button

Doing so will redirect you to the checkout, where you will be able to choose between the Pro and Enterprise plans.

If you want to subscribe to the Pro Plan, select it and advance to the next step.

Once you do, you need to:

  • Select the number of targets with unlimited scans you wish to subscribe to - learn more about targets with unlimited scans here

  • Choose the payment recurrence you prefer, between monthly or annually

As you change these settings, you will see the Price being updated automatically: each extra target will add to your price, and the annual recurrence will provide you with a discount when compared to the monthly recurrence.

After selecting the number of targets needed and the desired recurrence, you can advance through the checkout process, making sure to submit the necessary Billing and Payment information. Once you’re done, review your order on the Confirmation page and finalize the checkout.

After confirming your payment you will be redirected to the Targets list, where you can configure the targets with unlimited scans - learn how to make this configuration here.

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