How to import targets

Learn how to import targets to your Probely account.

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If you have multiple targets you want to scan, you can easily import them to your Probely account rather than having to add each one, one at a time, through the interface. To do this:

  1. Click on the β€œIMPORT” button that appears on top of the targets list

  2. Upload a file with the desired targets (supported formats: JSON, CSV or YAML)

This file needs to include some mandatory information about the targets, namely:

  • Name

  • URL

Optionally, you can also include some configurations for some or all the targets added this way. Some of these optional settings are:

  • Whitelisted paths (Seeds list)

  • Blacklisted URLs (Reject list)

  • Custom headers

  • Custom cookies

  • Scan profile

  • Report type

  • Authentication settings

  • Labels

Availability of these settings may vary depending on the target type. To learn more about the possible fields to include when importing targets, check our documentation.

Importing targets with scheduled scans

When importing targets, you can also set up a date and recurrence (daily - d, or monthly - m) in order to schedule future scans - this is a simple way of setting up scheduled scans without having to use the interface.

Read ahead to find some examples of files you can import.

JSON file with 1 target with monthly scheduled scans

"name": "example",
"site": {
"name": "example",
"url": ""
"scan_profile": "normal",
"scheduledscan_datetime": "2025-11-01T10:20:05.224739",
"scheduledscan_recurrence": "m"

CSV file with 1 target with monthly and 1 target with daily scheduled scans

"example","","normal","2025-06-01T07:00:00.224739","m","['label1', 'label2']"
"example","","safe","2025-09-05T19:45:00.224739","d","['label3', 'label4']"

YAML file with 1 target with daily scheduled scans

- name: example
name: example
desc: this is an example input
type: single
date_time: "2025-03-30T16:29:08"
recurrence: "d"
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