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How to switch the scan profile
How to switch the scan profile

Learn how to switch between different scan profiles.

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As mentioned here, Probely provides a variety of scan profiles that you can choose from, depending on how thoroughly you want to scan your target.

You may decide to run a "Normal" scan on your target to start with, and then decide to run a "Full" scan later, after fixing some vulnerabilities. Or it might be the case that, at a specific moment in time, you want to run a "Safe" scan, in order to reduce the possible impact on your target.

All of this is possible! The only thing you need to do is switch the scan profile before you start a new scan.

In order to do so, you can access your target settings and click on the "Profile" tab. A list of all available scan profiles will be visible according to your target's type and current verification state.

Once you're there, simply choose the scan profile you want and hit "SAVE" and the next scan will use the selected profile.

Alternatively, if you're using our API, you can also send a different scan profile in the request, the next time you start a scan. Learn more about this through our documentation.

Regardless of how you choose your scan profile and start a scan, make sure to use the profile that makes the most sense to you and your target. Happy scanning!

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