Sometimes, you might want to make sure that your website was scanned in full, and that all URLs were covered by the scan. For that reason, Probely allows you to download a CSV coverage report in which you can see a list of all the URLs that Probely visited while the scan was running. Here's how to get the Coverage file in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: View the details of your scan
You can do that by clicking on the "VIEW" button next to an individual scan under the "SCAN" tab.

Step 2: Download the CSV Coverage report
Once you are on the "Scan results" page you can click "Download CSV". You can find the download link under "Scan results" -> "COVERAGE:".

And that's it! Once you click the download link, the CSV file will be automatically downloaded and you will have a list of all the endpoints accessed by Probely during that particular scan.

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