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How to integrate Probely with Jira?
How to integrate Probely with Jira?

Integrate Probely with Jira

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You can connect Probely with either Jira Cloud or with your own Jira Server instance. This enables you to have two-way synchronization of your findings with Jira, meaning that a finding that is reported by Probely is sent to Jira and as soon as it is closed it will trigger a re-test. If the finding is fixed, the Jira issue is kept close, otherwise, it is reopened.

Regardless of your Jira setup, you need to choose which targets to synchronize and how (either manually or automatically). The options available are the same for both Jira Cloud and Jira Server.

You can learn more about these synchronization settings here and how to integrate Probely with Jira Server here.

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