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Credits usage explained
Credits usage explained

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Here's everything you need to know about credits and their usage.

Why do I need credits?

Credits are used to perform scans and are a great way to test the security of your web applications and APIs if you are on a budget. It's also great if you don't want to scan them very frequently. You can also combine a target subscription and credits, where you can use targets with unlimited scans to scan more active targets, and credits to scan less active or temporary targets.

Each time you scan a target that uses credits, you will consume 1 credit per hour of scan, up to a maximum of 5 credits per scan.

What happens if I run out of credits?

You can buy credits whenever you want by accessing your Account Overview screen. During the checkout, you will be asked to choose how many credits to buy, and you'll need to provide Billing and Payment details if you still need to do so. You can also configure the auto top-up feature to avoid running out of credits.

You can learn more about these here.

What is Auto top-up?

The auto top-up configuration is a way of allowing credits to be bought automatically whenever you need them. You can configure how many credits to buy automatically and whether to do it when you run out of credits or when they expire. This setup can be done during the checkout, when you buy credits, and also through your Account Overview screen.

Can credits expire?

Purchased credits expire 12 months after the last accrual. Each time you buy credits, the expiration date of all paid credits is set to 12 months after the purchase date. So if some of your credits are expiring, you can always buy more credits not to lose them!

What about free credits?

Based on the monthly date on which you signed up for Probely initially, that will be the date on which your credits will renew. For example, if you sign up on February 13th, you will be able to use your allotted credits between that date and March 12th. If you do not use the credits up until then, they will expire. If you need more than the free credits given, you can always purchase more credits.

When running a scan, if your account still has promotional/free credits, those are spent before any purchased ones - this is to ensure that you don’t miss them or let them expire before you have a chance to use them.

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