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How to set-up Basic Authentication
How to set-up Basic Authentication

Setting up the scanner to successfully log into targets protected by Basic Auth

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Basic authentication is a simple authentication scheme built into the HTTP protocol, prompting a form like the one in the image below. This authentication process is different from your application’s own authentication system (or any other form-based authentication); another guide addressing it can be found here.

Basic Auth Prompt

Probely supports Basic Auth. To set up your target’s Basic Auth, you’ll need to navigate to your target settings and select the Authentication tab (Settings > Authentication > Basic Auth).

Setting up Basic Auth on Probely Settings

In the Authentication tab, you'll be able to find the Basic Auth settings. The first step is to enable them by clicking “My target requires Basic Access Authentication”.

Enabling Basic Auth Probely

The second step is to fill in the form that appeared with your Basic Auth credentials and click Save, just like the image below.

Setting Up basic auth credentials

After that, your credentials will be saved, and Probely can successfully access and scan your application!

Optionally, you can enable or disable basic auth by clicking the "Enable / Disable" button.

Enabling/Disabling Basic Auth Probely

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