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How to integrate Probely with Shortcut?
How to integrate Probely with Shortcut?

Learn how to integrate Probely to your Shortcut projects and boards

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You can synchronize findings with your Shortcut storyboard by connecting Probely to Shortcut. This synchronization can be done automatically or manually, finding by finding.

Synchronization is one-way, and changes made to Shortcut items will not be propagated to their respective findings on Probely. Manual changes to Probely findings are also not synced to Shortcut - only changes caused by a scan are.

Setting Up the Integration

Step 1: Generate a Shortcut Token

  1. In Shortcut, go to Your Account > Settings > API Tokens.

  2. Name and generate a new token.

  3. Copy and save the token somewhere secure. Note that when you generate a new token, the value will only be displayed once, so write it down.

Step 2: Authentication and Configuration

Once you have the token, use it to authenticate with Probely.

  1. Log in to your account and choose Integrations from the side menu.

  2. Scroll to the Shortcut option.

  3. Insert your token and click Save.

  1. Next, set configurations for the target of your choice to link target findings to a specific Shortcut project. Go to the target's Settings > Integrations configuration.

  2. Fill out the required fields from the Shortcut configuration form. It includes:

  • Project

  • Story type

  • Priority mapping

  • Severity mapping

This information is required for Probely to start synchronizing findings.

  1. Check the box “Automatically sync all findings”. Otherwise, Probely will not start synchronizing them.

If you do not wish to synchronize all the findings or if you prefer to hand-pick some of them, instead of selecting this checkbox you can manually configure the synchronization for certain findings.

  1. Go to that target and choose a finding you want to synchronize with your Shortcut project and board.

  2. Check the “Sync finding” box to get updates from Probely to Shortcut.

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