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Can I pause scans or prevent them from running at a certain time?
Can I pause scans or prevent them from running at a certain time?

Learn how to pause and resume a scan on demand and automatically

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Pause and Resume a Scan on Demand

  1. To pause an ongoing scan, click the STOP button and Pause from the drop-down list for any ongoing scan.

pause a scan

2. You can pause a scan from various pages:

- List of targets

- Target page

- Scan results page

- List of scans

3. Alternatively, you can pause a scan by calling the API.

4. Once you pause a scan, Probely will stop crawling/scanning your site. It takes a few minutes to pause a scan, and the status of the scan changes to PAUSING.

Stop a Paused Scan

  1. You can stop a paused scan (cancel the scan for good) or resume and pick up from where it left off.

  2. After a certain amount of time, if a paused scan isn’t resumed, it is canceled, and you can start new scans. Probely will notify and remind you to resume a scan you paused on demand.

Blackout Period: Pause and Resume Scans Automatically

Besides pausing and resuming scans on demand, you can also set up a blackout period (timeframe) when new scans don't start, and ongoing scans are paused automatically.

  1. To set a blackout period, go to your target settings to set the dates and times you don't want to perform a scan.

  2. Set start and end times you want scans to be paused and resumed.

  3. Select the day or days of the week to apply that schedule.

  4. Save your settings.

  5. When you reach the chosen start time, if a scan is ongoing, it will be paused automatically.

  6. When the blackout period is finished, the scan will resume automatically.

7. You can also pause scans during the night and resume them the next day. For example, you can configure your scans to run only from 6:00 to 23:00 each day:

8. Disable the feature in your target settings to remove this scan restriction after setting up the blackout period.

9. Once you disable this feature, scans will not be paused or resumed automatically. However, you can still pause and resume scans on demand as you see fit.

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