If your website has areas that require authentication, you need to provide Probely with credentials to log in on your website. By doing this you're enabling Probely to run a scan that might reveal any vulnerabilities in deeper parts of your app.

It is recommended that you create a user for the tests since Probely will submit forms and click buttons, which might "pollute" the account.

After you've added a successfully verified target, you can head to the target settings and follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your target "Settings"

On your target settings, access the "Authentication" tab, locate the "Target Authentication" module and select "Login Form":

Step 2: Add the URL of the login page
Specify the URL where you start the authentication process. Most of the time, this is the URL of the page where you enter the credentials.

If you are using a Single Sign-On or you need to visit a particular URL that redirects you to the page where the credentials are entered, you need to specify that initial URL.

Step 3: Add your first Field Name and Value (usually email or username)
The field name is the HTML "name" attribute of the particular field. Usually, it's "email" or "username". To see the field name of a field, you need to Inspect the field (Right-click -> Inspect).

The field value is the actual username or email (For example, [email protected] or ExampleUser1).

Step 4: Click "Add" to add your second Field Name and Value (usually password)
Once you click add, you will get two more fields to fill out. Here you'd usually put the password field and value, the same way you did to the username.

Step 5: Once you are done, click "Save"

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