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How to Start a Free Trial?
How to Start a Free Trial?

Ways to start a free trial using Probely

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There are two scenarios where you could start a 14-day Free Trial using Probely.

  • You are just starting with Probely and haven't added a free target yet

  • You have added a free target and want to start a trial on that target

Just starting with Probely

If you are just starting with Probely, you are probably faced with deciding whether to add a Free target or a paid one. To keep it short, if you want to scan your entire app (including behind the login) and want a more thorough scan, you should choose a Single Environment target. If you want to scan a standalone API without a supporting web application, you should choose the API target option instead.

Since the scans under these three target types are intrusive, you will need to validate the target's ownership to give us some evidence that you have the necessary privileges to run the scan.

Once you validate the ownership you will automatically start a 14-day free trial in which you will be able to fully scan your entire app (including behind the login) using all the features under Probely's Pro plan.

I am using Probely's free plan and want to Start my Free Trial

If this is your case, and you've already added a target, all you need to do is change the 'Status' of the target under 'Manage Targets'.

Once you are on the "Manage Targets" page, under 'Action' select 'Start Trial'.

Once you do that, just follow the steps and validate the ownership of the target.
If you encounter any difficulty starting the trial or validating the domain, just use the white and blue chat button on the lower right of your screen, and we will help you.

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