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What is the scanner's outgoing IP address?
What is the scanner's outgoing IP address?

Outgoing IP address used by the scanner

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Probely uses the following IP addresses to make requests to your target:

All customers:

  • (AWS IP)

Customers hosted in our US infrastructure:

  • (AWS IP)

If you’re not sure where your account is hosted, consider both IP addresses or reach out to our support team.

The following IPs are deprecated, and no traffic should be originated from them:

  • (GCP IP)

  • (GCP IP)

Another alternative to identify Probely requests is through their user-agent header.

If you are using a Web Application Firewall (WAF) in front of your target, it can block scan requests from Probely's IPs and make the scan fail. To avoid that, see how to configure Probely’s IPs in WAFs.

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